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SPACES AND PLACES | SAN DIEGO INFORMATION & REAL ESTATE NEWS FOR AUGUST 2019 ABOUT ERIC MATZ: As a professional Realtor, Eric’s commitment is to always represent the client’s best interest.  He uses his extensive experience to secure top dollar for sellers and personally guide them through the transaction. Eric works with a wonderful team … Read more

$100 Home Makeover in Under 10 Minutes

$100 HOME MAKEOVER IN UNDER 10 MINUTES! Remodeling a room can feel like the ultimate test of patience and financial savvy, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune (or months of your time) to make any space feel like new. Put some of these tips into practice, and see for yourself!   Reduced-price redecorating … Read more

What the Hygge?

WHAT THE HYGGE? There’s a reason that Danes are known as the happiest people in the world—and a little thing called Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) might have something to do with it. This principle is an important part of Danish culture, and has made its way into other parts of the world as well.   What … Read more

The KonMari Method: Helping You Prep Your House For Sale

THE KONMARI METHOD: HELPING YOU PREP YOUR HOUSE FOR SALE It seems Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method of de-cluttering and organizing has taken America by storm! Her new show on Netflix has inspired many to get busy making their homes into a more tidy and welcoming space. Marie’s motto is “Tidy your space, transform your life.” … Read more

Good Upgrades for Home Sellers

Sometimes a home can sell with very few changes, and at other times, owners will need to put in some major work to get their place off the market. While investing in some upgrades is not a guarantee to sell your home, these fixes are what potential buyers will be looking for—and could even raise … Read more

5 Tips When Buying a Newly Constructed Home

5 TIPS WHEN BUYING A NEWLY CONSTRUCTED HOME The lack of existing inventory for sale has forced many home buyers to begin looking at new construction. When you buy a newly constructed home instead of an existing home, there are many extra steps that must take place. To ensure a hassle-free process, here are 5 … Read more

Taking Your Decor from Summer to Fall

Taking Your Decor from Summer to Fall With summer on the outs, it’s time to think about switching up your decor in time for fall. Colors are shifting, leaves are falling, and the weather is turning. Take inspiration from the great indoors and switch-up that interior! Make easy switches Accents like throw pillows, sheets, and … Read more